Take the stress and guesswork out of planning gluten and dairy free dinners that work for your WHOLE FAMILY

Get done-for-you weekly meal plans with dependable, customizable recipes and grocery lists so you can spend LESS time planning your meals and MORE time sitting down to enjoy a healthy home-cooked dinner with your family!

Results you’ll get by joining the Gluten Free Dairy Free Cooking Club!

Time Savings

✔️ No more endless searching for recipes or spending time thinking about what to make for dinner

✔️ Dependable meal plans, recipes and grocery lists at the click of a button

Money Savings

✔️ Quit relying on expensive take-out food with a done-for-you plan to get home-cooked dinners on the table

✔️ No more wasted money buying ingredients you may not use

Healthy Dinners

✔️ Cooking healthy meals that taste great and your family loves will be easier than ever

✔️ All recipes are created by a Registered Dietitian who values HEALTH and FLAVOR

Happy Family

✔️ With customization tips and options, you can make dinners your WHOLE family will love 

✔️ All dinner recipes are for a full meal, so you won’t have to figure out what side dishes to make

More Variety

✔️ Get the variety you desire without the time it takes to search for new recipes

✔️ Fresh new meal plans and recipes each week with a focus on seasonal cooking

Kitchen Confidence

✔️ No more guessing at what recipes or ingredients will fit the needs of your family

✔️ With dependable recipes, you’ll gain (or maintain) your confidence in the kitchen.

Save your time, energy and money with the Gluten Free Dairy Free Cooking Club!

With tips for customizing the meals to the likes and needs of all your family members, time saving tips to help you get dinner on the table in less time, and dependable recipes that add flavor and variety to your everyday meals, you’ll feel like a rockstar in the kitchen!

What’s included in the Gluten Free Dairy Free Cooking Club…

🍴Weekly meal plans, including 5 (sometimes 6) gluten and dairy free dinner recipes

🍴Grocery list for each meal plan so you know exactly what ingredients you’ll need to make all the recipes

🍴Customization tips for each recipe so you can add or subtract ingredients to make the meals fit the needs and wants of all members of your family (whether they eat GF/DF or not!)

🍴Time saving tips to help you get dinner on the table quicker and with less effort

🍴Short video tutorials for any steps of the recipes you may need extra help with

🍴All recipes cover the complete meal. You won’t need to come up with side dishes on your own

🍴Exclusive Facebook group for members of the cooking club to ask questions, provide feedback and share your dinner wins with the community

🍴Bonus cooking classes throughout the year to help you rock your gluten and dairy free cooking skills

🍴Friends and family referral program where you can earn complimentary months of the cooking club

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this meal planning membership only for families?

All of the recipes in the Gluten Free Dairy Free Cooking Club are created with families in mind, however, if you don’t have kids or cook for only 1 or two, you can still use the recipes and either cut the amounts in half or make the full amount and have leftovers. The flavors and ingredients used in the recipes are family friendly, however, the recipes use a variety of flavors and ingredients to help you eat a variety of foods. The recipes have tips for customizing them to fit your preferences.

How many servings do the recipes make?

All of the recipes serve 4. Sometimes the servings are generous enough that you could feed 5 or even 6 depending on how hungry everyone is.

How long do the recipes take to prepare?

Most of the recipes have a hands-on prep time of about 30 minutes. Some will take a bit longer and some will take less time than that. Most of the recipes will have a “total start to finish” time of 30 to 45 minutes, however, with recipes that require marinating or slow cooker recipes, the start to finish time will be longer even though your hands-on prep time will be shorter.

What if someone in my family has other allergies or intolerances besides gluten and dairy? Will this meal planning service work for me?

Most of the recipes will be free of all of the top 8 food allergens. If a recipe does contain one or more of the foods on the top 8 list, I will list a tip for making the recipe without those foods if it’s possible. The recipes are created using very few packaged, processed foods, which makes it much easier to avoid foods and ingredients you’re allergic or intolerant to. 

What if some people in my family can eat gluten or dairy? Will this service work for me?

All of the recipes in this meal planning service are created to be gluten and dairy free, however, I will give tips on recipes where adding certain dairy or gluten foods would work. For example, if cheese would taste good with a recipe, there will be a tip with that recipe for what to do. Or, for pasta dishes, you can cook some gluten free noodles and some gluten-containing noodles and serve them separately if you want to do that.

Do the recipes require hard to find ingredients?

Most of the recipes will use foods and ingredients that you can find at any major grocery store. In some cases, you may need to go to a grocery store that has a larger gluten-free or dairy-free section to find an ingredient, or you can always order these ingredients online. 

I believe you can cook healthy delicious gluten and dairy free dinners without relying on specialty ingredients and I believe it’s healthier to cook without the use of a lot of packaged, processed foods. So, I create the recipes with this in mind, which means you will be able to find most of the ingredients you need very easily.

Will this work for someone who eats vegetarian or vegan?

I believe any recipes can be modified to fit your needs, however, if you eat vegetarian or vegan, this meal planning service would not be a great fit for you. While there may be a meatless dinner sprinkled into the mix every so often, most of the dinner recipes will contain meat or fish.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time, however, you must do so before your payment plan renews so that you don’t get charged for the next billing cycle. You will not be refunded for payments you’ve already made.

There are two payment options for joining the cooking club. One is a monthly plan where you pay every month and the second is a semi-annual plan where you pay every 6 months. You will save $2 per month by choosing the semi-annual plan.

For both payment plans, if you cancel prior to your next billing cycle, you will have access to the meal plans and recipes up through the last day of your current cycle.

Two Payment Options to Join the Gluten Free Dairy Free Cooking Club!

Semi-Annual Plan (SAVE $2 per month)


Recurring Billing (charged every 6 months)

Monthly Plan


Recurring Billing (charged every month)

Hey there!

I want to share a quick intro about me and tell you why I created the Gluten Free Dairy Free Cooking Club!

So, a bit about me…I’m Laura Marzen, a Registered Dietitian with a passion for food and cooking! 

After I graduated with my nutrition degree, I spent 7+ years working in the test kitchen for Better Homes and Gardens, where I got to develop and test recipes for cookbooks and magazines all day.

Now I spend my time creating recipes for my blog and helping families plan and cook delicious dinners through the Gluten Free Dairy Free Cooking Club.

I believe food should be fun and taste fabulous and that you should not have to sacrifice flavor just because you need to (or choose to) eat gluten and dairy free!

I created the Gluten Free Dairy Free Cooking Club to help make your life easier in the kitchen and make it simpler for you to cook healthy, satisfying dinners that your whole family will love.

Thanks for stopping by!