Learn to CONFIDENTLY Cook Gluten Free, Dairy Meals and Plan Meals

Your Whole Family will LOVE

without the spending all your time in the kitchen, without the frustration of reading label after label,

and without the overwhelm of answering the never-ending question of “what’s for dinner?” 

If you or one of your family members eats gluten and dairy free, if you plan and cook most of the meals in your house, and if you have family members (not that we’re naming names here!) who don’t always agree with what you make for dinner, then you already know how hard it can be to consistently cook GF/DF meals WHILE keeping the rest of your family fed and happy.

Most days you’re just doing your best to avoid the drive-through line and make sure everyone gets fed between all the activities.

Throw in a family member who has specific nutrition needs, and it can be downright overwhelming to get meals on the table, especially when, most of the time, you’re making multiple meals just to keep everyone happy.

And forget worrying about whether everyone is getting enough fruits and veggies. It’s just too much to think about! 


But you know the best way to stay most consistent with eating gluten and dairy free is to cook and eat at home most of the time.


Here’s What You Might Not Know

Even though you know you need to cook and eat at home more often, choosing to cook and eat FRESH WHOLE FOODS is the secret sauce when it comes to staying consistent with GF/DF eating AND for simplifying your meal planning game. Here’s why:


  • Label reading is REALLY tricky when it comes to eating gluten and dairy free. There are so many unrecognizable ingredients in foods these days, and just because a food is gluten free, doesn’t mean it’s dairy free and vice versa.


  • Avoiding the package food aisles (even if you’re in the gluten free aisle or “health” section of the store) means you won’t have as many labels to read, saving you a lot of time grocery shopping.


  • Gluten and dairy free packaged foods are EXPENSIVE. Even simple flour mixes or baking mixes can cost a pretty penny. It’s easy to cook and bake family favorites without relying on packaged foods.


  • When you’re planning meals around gluten and dairy free eating, but not everyone in the family needs to eat that way, cooking with whole foods makes it easier to plan meals and keep everyone happy. This is because it’s much easier to keep foods separate that one (or more) members of the family can’t eat.

Although it’s a makes perfect sense

to cook and eat more fresh whole foods

the way to do so EASILY isn’t always clear.

Start cooking and planning meals with fresh whole foods? Sounds great…

but how do I make the switch?

Maybe you’ve given the whole “let’s get healthy and get really consistent with eating GF/DF” thing a shot. Where you pinned a BUNCH of recipes in Pinterest and maybe even printed out a few that looked good.

And then, when you were at the grocery store next, you filled your cart with all kinds of fruits and vegetables and greens, with the intention of planning and prepping some really healthy meals for the week.

But even with the best intentions, it was hard to follow through on your plans because time got sucked away AND you simply didn’t have the confidence to know what to do with all the healthy foods you bought.

Many of those lovely vegetables ended up getting toss in the trash…

Here’s why people with even the best of intentions with getting healthy and staying consistent with GF/DF eating often give up:

Without easy-to-follow instruction on how to cook GF/DF foods that aren’t boring or bland, and that don’t take all day to make, most people give up simply because they don’t have time to figure it out on their own.

They don’t have the down-to-earth guidance they need to plan meals the whole family can enjoy, and when a family member complains that they don’t like something served for dinner, it’s too easy to give in and make them something separate to keep them happy. This creates more work and frustration.

Here’s why you can’t continue on this path:

Having an on-again, off-again relationship with gluten and dairy free eating isn’t allowing your body to fully heal. You’ll never FULLY feel better AND you symptoms will likely get worse over time.

And not getting your cooking and meal planning games in order will keep you on the path of inconsistency with your GF/DF eating. 

But the good news is, you ARE CAPABLE of learning to cook with whole foods so you can STAY CONSISTENT with your GF/DF eating. Anyone can do this!

It’s not rocket science, you simply have to get really comfortable with some easy-to-learn cooking techniques, and you have to put some meal planning strategies into place so you’re never left wondering what to make for dinner.

I’m going to let you in on some insider info…

Just because you may have gotten off course of your cooking and eating goals in the past does not mean you can’t start a new path.

Everyone (yes, even you!) has the ability to get back to the basics of cooking and learn the cooking skills you need to finally have confidence cooking gluten and dairy free.

You just need to have faith in yourself (you’ve got what it takes!) and get a little help along the way.

I’d love to be your guide on your journey.


Learn the skills you need to confidently harness your inner GF/DF chef and master the art of planning simple, flavorful meals your whole family will love.

As a Registered Dietitian who has worked almost exclusively in the area of recipe creation and recipe testing (for nationally recognized magazines and cookbooks), in my almost 18 years of working in this field, I know my way around the kitchen.

I know that anyone can learn to cook more efficiently when you are fully committed to getting your cooking and meal planning game in order.

And I know that cooking and eating gluten free and dairy free can be just as delicious and fun because I cook and eat that way every day (and have for the past 2 years). 




Yes, you’ll learn all the strategies, skills and tips you need in order to most efficiently plan and cook meals that meet the needs and wants of your whole family.

But, most important, you’ll gain the CONFIDENCE you need to get dinner on the table without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated in the process.

See below for a sneak peak of what you can expect to learn throughout the course.


Master Your Mindset

If you’re wondering what mindset has to do with cooking and planning GF/DF meals, you’re not alone. But, listen, making sure your mind is strong and READY for the changes you will be making will help ACCELERATE your results big time. Don’t take this important step for granted!


  • Learn how the power of positive thinking and a strong mind can help you on your health journey.
  • Learn and set up the mindset strategies you’ll need to put into action to help accelerate your results.
  • Learn what to do when you have a setback or when you’re finding yourself getting off course.


Prep Your Pantry

Having the right foods in the kitchen makes a world of difference in consistently being able to cook healthy meals at home but reading labels for gluten and dairy free eating can be a challenge. Learn how to lessen your dependance on packaged foods and learn what pantry ingredients are helpful and healthy to include in your pantry.


  • Learn the step-by-step system for overhauling your pantry to make your life easier in the kitchen.
  • Learn which foods and ingredients can and should be included in your pantry, specific to how you and your family like to eat!


Back to Basics Cooking

Walk through a kitchen store, and you’ll be bombarded with gadget after gadget of that promise to make your life easier in the kitchen. While I believe there’s a place for some of these time-saving products, you don’t need most of them to make healthy food that isn’t boring or bland. You simply need to learn (or get comfortable with) some easy-to-follow basic cooking strategies that can be used to cook almost anything you want to make. 


  • Dust off your knife block and learn how to effectively use your knives so you can chop, slice and dice more quickly and with greater confidence.
  • Learn how to cook vegetables multiple ways so you’ll actually want to eat them! Plus, learn the basics of cooking gluten free grains.
  • Learn how to cook meat, fish and seafood that taste great and aren’t tough or rubbery. I promise you can do it!


Up-Level Your Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking

Once you learn (or get back to) the basics of cooking (which will have learned in Module 3, it’s time to take your GF/DF cooking to the next level. Whether you want to make creamy dairy free soups or crispy fried chicken, you can do that AND keep it gluten and dairy free all while avoiding heavily processed foods.


  • Learn the strategies you need to know to make your favorite foods healthier and make them gluten and dairy free.
  • Learn how to make the essential “helper” ingredients and foods that will allow you to continue making family favorite recipes with a few tweaks.


Makeover Your Meal Planning

If there’s one thing that will help you simplify the daily rat race of making sure there’s always a healthy meal on the table, it’s this: you need to get your meal planning game in order, and while there are a lot of strategies out there, there’s one strategy that I believe works best for long term success. Want to know how it works?


  • Work through the details of creating a meal planning system that’s personalized for the needs of your family and that will work for years to come.
  • Learn how to balance the daily needs of getting a healthy home-cooked meal on the table without spending all your time in the kitchen (or losing your sanity), while considering an active family schedule. It CAN be done!


Quick Start Recipes

Because I don’t want you to have to wait around for the cooking module to get started cooking more healthfully, I’m going to give you a batch of easy to follow, whole food based gluten and dairy free recipes that you can start making right away.

No fancy equipment, hard cooking techniques, or extensive label reading involved!

Mini Baking Lesson

While I know it’s healthiest to avoid sugar as much as possible, everyone needs to have a treat now and then. And just because you’re not eating gluten or dairy doesn’t mean you can’t make your cake and eat it too.

While gluten and dairy free baking isn’t quite the same as what you may be used to, it’s very possible to make really good treats you won’t want to stop eating.

In this bonus, you’ll get recipes for treats that you can make for your next special occassion, or simply a random Sunday you feel like turning on the oven.

Mix and Match Recipe System

How does it sound to have a group of recipes (think sauces, meat mixture, veggies, and grains) that can be mixed and matched to create many different, unique meals?

That’s what you’ll get in this bonus. Eating shouldn’t be boring and eating gluten and dairy free definitely doesn’t have to mean you have to settle for bland food for the rest of your life.

Use this mix and match recipe system to create your own family favorite meal combos. Once you learn the system, you’ll have no trouble choosing an easy meal to make for dinner.


Become a VIP

Like the thought of learning everything I’m going to teach in this Gluten Free, Dairy Free Cook Boot Camp but feel like you’ll need just a little more attention to make sure you stay on track to learn all of the strategies and skills?

If so, become a VIP!

By becoming a VIP, you will have access to me throughout the course, with 4 (45 minute) individual calls and unlimited Voxer (messaging) support (Monday through Friday), so if you have a question, I’ll be right here to help you.

On our individual calls, we can discuss any other nutrition needs you or your family might have. I’ll help you put strategies in place so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

I want you to succeed so you can stay more consistent with gluten and dairy free cooking and meal planning!


  • 4 Individual Phone Calls with Me (45 minutes each), scheduled during the 6 week duration of the course
  • Unlimited Voxer (messaging) support from me (Monday through Friday)
  • Get customized strategies and tips based on your unique needs!

Money Back Guarantee

While I know I can help you gain the skills you need to stop feeling frustrated or overwhelmed with GF/DF cooking and meal planning, I want you to be fully happy with what you’re getting in this Gluten Free, Dairy Free Cooking Boot Camp.

You’ll be able to go through Modules 1, 2 and 3, which will help you get your mindset and pantry in order AND learn the basic cooking lessons that I’m teaching.

If those modules and lessons don’t help you feel like you will be able to master the strategies and skills needed to simplify your cooking and meal planning, I will happily refund your money.

You will have until November 8, 2019 to write to me (Laura) at laura@freshfoodbites.com for a full refund. I want you to get results!

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Cooking Boot Camp – $497 Value

Bonus 1 – Quick Start Recipes

Bonus 2 – Mini Baking Lesson

Bonus 3 – Mix-and-Match Recipe System

That’s a total value of $597


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